The Great British bioscience image competition

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Images with Impact – BBSRC anniversary image competition

  • BBSRC has launched its image competition as part of the 20th anniversary programme;
  • Open to the public, students and the bioscience research community;
  • £2,400 of prizes to be won for images capturing exciting developments in bioscience.

The Images with Impact: the Great British Bioscience Image Competition is seeking the best images that showcase UK bioscience and its importance in everyday life. The competition forms part of a series of engaging activities throughout 2014 to highlight the impact of BBSRC's research base, world-leading bioscience, and its important contribution to the UK economy over 20 years.

Great Britain has always been the home of bioscience discovery. Penicillin, the DNA double helix and a famous sheep called ‘Dolly' were all born of UK research, but never before has bioscience moved at such a pace.

For more informatrion check out The Great British bioscience competition or watch the video

Submissions will close on 6th October 2014.