3rd BiVi Annual Meeting (2017)

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  • Keep in touch with what is happening within Bio-visualisation. 
  • Connect with community of researchers from the UK and worldwide. 
  • Get hands-on experience and training with the latest tools. 

We are delighted to invite you to join us for our 3rd Annual Meeting on 20th-21st April. We have an exciting programme in historic Edinburgh with three thought provoking keynotes from highly regarded international researchers. Another highlight is a full day of workshop traning sessions from leading UK and international bio-visualisation researchers and developers. There are items of interest to biologists, bioinformaticians and bio-visualisation researchers and developers of all levels and interests.

A series of shorter talks will focus on the latest in UK based bio-visualisation. A poster session and lightning talks will give us the chance to hear about other new and upcoming research in the field. We will round out the first day with dinner in the evening for all the delegates. Throughout the meeting there will be opportunites for discussions and making contact with others with a interest in bio-visualisation.


Jean-luc Doumont

Jean-luc Doumont (Principiæ, Belgium)
The Three Laws of Communication

Useful as each of them can be, a large body of tips and tricks is impossible to remember, at least in a practical, usable way, unless it is structured into a balanced, meaningful hierarchy. This talk proposes and illustrates three simple yet solid ideas that lead to more effective communication and that underpin every other guideline: easy to remember, readily applicable, and always relevant—in short, valuable for the rest of your life. (read more...)

Marc Streit

Marc Streit (Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria)
From Visual Exploration of Biomedical Data to Storytelling and Back Again

I will introduce our efforts to more tightly integrate biomedical data exploration with the presentation of discoveries. Based on provenance data captured during the exploration process, users can extract key steps, add annotations, and author 'Vistories', visual stories based on the history of the exploration. These Vistories can be shared for others to view, but also to retrace and extend the original analysis. I will demonstrate how such methods can increase the reproducibility of cancer research and drug discovery. (read more...)

Bang Wong

Bang Wong (Broad Institute, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA)
Art and Science: A partnership catalyzing discovery in biomedicine

The data generated by the biomedical research community hold tremendous potential to inform our understanding and treatment of disease. The challenge is to ensure that technical and non-technical researchers can access, use and learn from this wealth of data and analytical resources. I will present examples of solutions developed at the Broad Institute that draw on art and design to enable scientific discovery. (read more...)


The second day consists of training workshops delivered by leading UK and International developers to give participants hands-on experience with some of the best and latest bio-visualisation tools. Delegates will select 1-4 workshops that speak most to their interests from our programme of 10-12.

We have a selection of hands-on workshops to choose from including ones on MARender, Gene Expression Commons, Reactome, Aequetas with Galaxy workflow, SeqMonk, Python for Biologists, Miru (formerly BioLayout Express 3D), Phyre, Jalview, Zegami, D3 Visual Design.

See workshop descriptions

Open Invitation for Lightning Talks, Posters and Demonstrations

Attendees are invited to participate in the above sessions. An invitation will be sent to all registered attendees to allow you to indicate if you wish to utilise this opportunity to publicise your work to the wider community.


£50 registration fee (includes all refreshments including lunch both days and community dinner on 21st).

Registration will close 10th April 2017. Late registration may be available after this date subject to availability but choice of workshops may be limited.

Registration closed 

Student Bursaries

Bursaries for postgraduate research students who wish to attend the 3rd BiVi Annual Meeting are available on a first come, first served basis. Recipients will have the registration fee covered plus up to £200 for travel and accommodation.

To apply please contact info@bivi.co with your name, registered degree course, institution and a paragraph describing why you are interesting in attending.

To be eligible recipients must be a research student registered at a recognised UK University at time of the meeting, with an interest in bio-visualisation.

Key Dates

  • 10th April 2017 - Standard registration closed
  • 10th April 2017 - Workshop preferences due
  • 19th April 2017 - Lightning Talk slides uploaded
  • Noon, 20th April 2017 - Lightning Talk slides uploaded (late submission)

Organising Committee


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About BiVi

The Biological Visualisation Network, BiVi provides a forum for dissemination, training and discussion for life-scientists to discover and promote complex data visualisation ideas and solutions. BiVi, funded by the BBSRC, is a central resource for information on bio-visualisation and is supplemented with annual meetings for networking and educational purposes, focussed around emerging trends in visualisation and challenges facing biology.

Event Summary

Thursday, 20 April, 2017 to Friday, 21 April, 2017
Edinburgh, UK
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