3rd BiVi Open Talks

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BiVi Open Talks Programme: Thursday 20th April

Location: Craiglockhart Campus, Edinburgh Napier University, 219 Colinton Road, Edinburgh, EH14 1DJ

As part of the 3rd BiVi Annual Meeting, we are pleased to invite members of the public to attend two engaging talks by renowned international speakers. Free tickets are available to attend, please follow the links below to book tickets. Tickets should be booked individually for each talk you wish to attend. (Delegates to 3rd BiVi do not need to book these talks, they are included in your programme of events).

People interested in attending the whole Annual Meeting (20-21 April 2017, including this public part) are welcome to register for the whole meeting.


10:00-11:00    Jean-luc Doumont - The Three Laws of Communication   Get tickets

Jean-luc Doumont

Presented by Jean-luc Doumont, Principae, Belgium

Chaired by Jessie Kennedy

Useful as each of them can be, a large body of tips and tricks is impossible to remember, at least in a practical, usable way, unless it is structured into a balanced, meaningful hierarchy. This talk proposes and illustrates three simple yet solid ideas that lead to more effective communication and that underpin every other guideline: easy to remember, readily applicable, and always relevant—in short, valuable for the rest of your life.

An engineer (Louvain) and PhD in applied physics (Stanford), Jean-luc Doumont is acclaimed worldwide for his no-nonsense approach, his highly applicable, often life-changing recommendations on a wide range of topics, and Trees, maps, and theorems, his book about "effective communication for rational minds". For additional information, visit www.principiae.be.


17:00-18:00    Bang Wong - Art and Science: A partnership catalyzing discovery in biomedicine   Get tickets

Bang Wong

Presented by Bang Wong, Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard and Department of Art as Applied to Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Chaired by: Geoff Barton

The data generated by the biomedical research community hold tremendous potential to inform our understanding and treatment of disease. The challenge is to ensure that technical and non-technical researchers can access, use and learn from this wealth of data and analytical resources. Bang will present examples of solutions developed at the Broad Institute that draw on art and design to enable scientific discovery.

Bang Wong is the creative director of the Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard and an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His work focuses on the design and development of computation-visualization tools to meet the analytical challenges of research data. He leads the data visualization initiative at the Broad and is the founding author of Points of View published by Nature Methods, a series of articles that focus on the fundamental aspects of data presentation in science.


About BiVi

BiVi is a BBSRC funded project bringing together the community of Biologists, Bioinformaticians and Information Visualisation researchers across the UK and worldwide.