BiVi 2014 Abstract Submission

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BiVi 2014 will have a poster/demo session and we invite attendees to submit either a Biology Visualization Challenge or Biological Visualization Tool as a Poster or Demo for the meeting. 

A selection of Poster Submissions on each of Biological Visualisation Tools and Biological Challenges for Visualisation will be selected by the Steering Committee for short presentations on Day 2 of the meeting.

To submit a Biological Challenge for the meeting, the Biological Challenge must be entered into

To submit a Biological Visualization Tool for the meeting, the tool must be entered into

  • logon (for existing users) or register (for new users) on the site and add your Visualization tool onto the site.
  • If your Visualization tool has already been added by someone else and you do not have edit rights please email us at so that we can assign you edit rights.

You must then copy the URL(s) for the challenge(s) and/or visualisation tool(s) you want to present into the appropriate box on the registration form.

Any questions please contact us