Visualization and Correction of Automated Segmentation, Tracking and Lineaging from 5-D Stem Cell Image Sequences

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TitleVisualization and Correction of Automated Segmentation, Tracking and Lineaging from 5-D Stem Cell Image Sequences
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsWait, E, Winter, M, Bjornsson, C, Kokovay, E, Wang, Y, Goderie, S, Temple, S, Cohen, A
Conference NameBioVis
Keywordsvolumetric texture rendering; 3-D display; stereoscopic 3-D; stem cell; time lapse; lineaging; validation and correction; confocal microscopy; CUDA; image montage reconstruction

Results: We present an application that enables the quantitative analysis of multichannel 5-D (x, y, z, t, channel) and large montage confocal fluorescence microscopy images. The image sequences show stem cells together with blood vessels, enabling quantification of the dynamic behaviors of stem cells in relation to their vascular niche, with applications in developmental and cancer biology. Our application automatically segments, tracks, and lineages the image sequence data and then allows the user to view and edit the results of automated algorithms in a stereoscopic 3-D window while simultaneously viewing the stem cell lineage tree in a 2-D window. Using the GPU to store and render the image sequence data enables a hybrid computational approach. An inference-based approach utilizing user-provided edits to automatically correct related mistakes executes interactively on the system CPU while the GPU handles 3-D visualization tasks. Conclusions: By exploiting commodity computer gaming hardware, we have developed an application that can be run in the laboratory to facilitate rapid iteration through biological experiments. There is a pressing need for visualization and analysis tools for 5-D live cell image data. We combine accurate unsupervised processes with an intuitive visualization of the results. Our validation interface allows for each data set to be corrected to 100% accuracy, ensuring that downstream data analysis is accurate and verifiable. Our tool is the first to combine all of these aspects, leveraging the synergies obtained by utilizing validation information from stereo visualization to improve the low level image processing tasks

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