Dynamic Biomolecular Path Viz

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Visualization of dynamic channels in biomolecular systems

 This visualization represents a static view of a dynamic process. This skin surface approach offers an easy and fast way to render such a dynamic path. To do so, all spheres of all path components belonging to the dynamic path are used as input to the skin surface computation. The result is a smooth surface representing the extension surface of all components of the dynamic molecular path.To add a dynamic component to this static view, the skin surface can be color-coded by the time of penetration along the path.

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Project development

Institution: Dept. of Visualization and Data Analysis, Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB), Theoretical Molecular Biophysics, Dept. of Physics, FU Berlin, Dept. of Physiology and Biophysics, University of California, Irvine

Ana-Nicoleta Bondar acknowledges financial support from the Marie Curie International Reintegration Award IRG-276920. A set of preliminary molecular dynamics simulations were performed using the University of California, Irvine High-Performance Beowulf Cluster (grant acknowledgment: National Institutes of General Medical Sciences GM-74637 and GM-086685).