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Epithelial cell reconstruction and visualization of the developing Drosophila wing imaginal disc

Thi is a set of techniques that may be used to produce detailed 3D models of the individual cells in biological epithelial tissues. The inputs to the techniques are a 3D volumetric model of the tissue and a mesh model of the cell faces lying on it s atipical surface. We have applied these techniques to construct the individual epithelial cells of the wing imaginal disc of Drosophila melanogaster. To date, 3D epithelial cell models have been created, allowing for the calculation and visualization of cell parameters. The results show position-dependent patterns of cell shape in the wing imaginal disc. Our procedures should offer a general data processing pipeline for the construction of detailed 3D models of a wide variety of epithelial tissues.

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Java, IMOD
Linux, Windows, Mac OS X

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Institution: Dresden University of Technology, Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems Dresden, Drexel University, Centro de Genomica e Investigacion Oncologica

This research was founded by the National Science Foundation grants, ACI-0083287 and IIS-084541 (DB), a Drexel Synergy Grant (DB), German Research Foundation Grant DA586/8-1 (CD), and Max Planck Institute Visiting Scientist Fellowship (DB and LB).