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Comprehensive Geneset Activity Profiling

Irving L. Weissman

Gene Expression Commons is an open platform for objective gene expression profiling of any cell type for any gene, rather than profiling of relative difference for limited number of genes between two samples. This was enabled by global-scale meta-analysis of thousands of microarray data in public repository to obtain dynamic-range and expression kinetics of every gene. Gene Expression Commons can tell what genes are actively expressed in what cell types. Now the platform has been expanded toward profiling of geneset activity. On Gene Expression Commons, users find interesting set of genes in many contexts by Gene Search or Pattern Search. By submitting such interesting set of genes as a Geneset, Gene Expression Commons automatically computes similarity to known genesets defined by Gene Ontology etc., and what cell types actively express the Geneset.

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Institution: Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, Stanford University, Stanford, CA