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A database for high-throughput CRISPR screening experiments

Benedikt Rauscher
Florian Heigwer
Michael Boutros

GenomeCRISPR is the world’s first database for high-throughput screens using the CRISPR/Cas-9 system. Searching for a gene of interest, users are able to find data about relevant screening experiments. Moreover, GenomeCRISPR provides information about phenotypic effects that were observed after perturbation of the gene. Comprehensive visualisations displaying applied sgRNAs and their effects in genomic context complement this information. This enables users to gain an unbiased understanding of sgRNA efficiency, facilitating the selection of sgRNAs for future experiments. As GenomeCRISPR holds data from high-throughput experiments, traditional ways of representing data using data tables and static figures quickly reach their limits. To guarantee the clear and intuitive representation of large amounts of data, we rely on modern JavaScript based frameworks such as BioJavaScript or D3. Exploiting the power of these cutting edge technologies data is visualised interactively, enabling users to explore and make sense of large amounts of information.

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2D, Network / hierarchy graph
Web based
Linux, Mac OSX, Windows

Project development

Institution: German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg