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HumMod Browser: An Exploratory Visualization Tool for Model Validation of Whole-Body Physiology Data

HumMod Browser is a multi-scale exploratory visualization tool that allows physiologists to explore human physiology simulation data with more than 6000 attributes. The HumMod Browser produced can give physiologists flexible control over the visualization displayed for quick understanding of complicated simulation results. The visualization is constructed through the metaphorical bubble interface to allow dynamic view controls and the data relationships and context informaiton unfold as physiologists querying groups of connected bubbles within the hierarchical or causal relationships. HumMod Browser contributions to the interaction design provide multi-scale coordinated interactive exploration for a new type of physiological modeling data.

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2D, 3D
C++,Qt 4.8

Project development

Institution: University of Maryland, Baltimore County, University of Mississippi Medical Center

This work is partially supported by the National Science Foundation under grant numbers DBI-1260795, IIS-1341254, EPS-0903234, and HL-51971.