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Protein and Nucleic Acid Sequence Alignment, Editing, Analysis and Visualisation Workbench

Andrew Waterhouse
David Martin
Dan Barton
Mungo Carstairs
Tochukwu "Charles" Ofoegbu
Paolo di Tomasso
Lauren Liu
Jan Engelhart

Jalview is a free program for protein and nucleic acid multiple sequence alignment editing, visualisation and analysis. Use it to view and edit sequence alignments, analyse them with phylogenetic trees and principal components analysis (PCA) plots and explore molecular structures and annotation. Jalview has built in DNA, RNA and protein sequence and structure visualisation and analysis capabilities. It uses Jmol to view 3D structures, and VARNA to display RNA secondary structure. The Jalview Desktop can also connect with databases and analysis services, and provides a graphical interface to the alignment and analysis services provided by the JavA Bioinformatics Analysis Web Services framework.  From Jalview 2.8.2, the Jalview desktop also interfaces with the Chimera molecular visualisation system to provide powerful 3D graphics tightly coupled to Jalview's functions.

Release Date:
September, 2015
Data type:
2D, 3D, Network / hierarchy graph, Spatial representation
Installed, Web based
Linux, Mac OSX, Windows
Windows, Mac OS X, Unix

Project development

Institution: University of Dundee