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Computing and Visually Analyzing Mutual Information in Molecular Co-Evolution

Dr. Sebastian Bremm
Patrick Boba
Prof. Kay Hamacher

A matrix visualization tool for exploring mutual information. It allows to take different views on the mutual information matrix by filtering, sorting, weighting, and zooming functionality. Thereby, the user can interactively navigate a huge matrix in real-time and search for e.g., patterns and unusual high or low values. A computation of the mutual information matrix for a sequence alignment in FASTA-format is possible. The respective stand-alone program computes in addition proper normalizations for a null model of neutral evolution and maps the mutual information to Z scores with respect to the null model.

The software can also be used for visual analytics of other matrix-like data, such as information obtained by DNA microarray experiments.

The package is platform-independently implemented in Java and free for academicusage under a GPL license.

This software is developed by the Computational Biology and Interactive-Graphics Systems groups at Technische Universität Darmstadt. It is provided for free use under the GNU License for Academic Use.
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Release Date:
June, 2011
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Project development

Institution: TU Darmstadt