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Visual exploration of microbial populations

Sara Johansson Fernstad
Jimmy Johansson
Suzi Adams
Jane Shaw
David Taylor

MicrobiVis is a tool for visual exploration and interactive analysis of micro-biomic populations. MicrobiVis has been designed in close collaboration with end users. It extends previous interactive systems for explorative dimensionality reduction by including a range of domain relevant features. It contributes a flexible and explorative dimensionality reduction as well as a visual and interactive environment for examination of data subsets. By combining information visualization and methods based on analytic tasks common in microbiology as a means for gaining new and relevant insights.

Release Date:
Data type:
2D, Network / hierarchy graph
graph software Cytoscape, QIIME pipeline,

Project development

Institution: Unilever Discover Port Sunlight, UK; C-Research, Linkoping University, Sweden

Unilever Discover Port Sunlight provided useful discussions, feedback and data preparation, particularly S. Grimshaw, P. Helme and A. Smith. This research is partly funded by Unilever Discover Port Sunlight, by the Visualization Programme coordinated by the Swedish Knowledge Foundation and by the Swedish Research Council in the Linnaeus Centre CADICS.