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MoClo planner: Interactive visualization for Modular Cloning bio-design

MoClo Planner is an interactive visualization system for collaborative bio-design, utilizing a multi-touch interactive surface. The system integrates the information gathering, design, and specification of complex synthetic biological constructs using the Modular Cloning (MoClo) assembly method. Modular Cloning is a hierarchical DNA construction method that allows for the assembly of multi-part constructs from a library of biological parts in a one-pot reaction. This cutting-edge method facilitates and expedites the assembly of complex biological designs.

Release Date:
Data type:
Microsoft PixelSense device, MS SDK 2.0 written in C#,
Windows 7

Project development

Institution: Agilent Technologies, Wellesley College, Boston University

MoClo Planner is a result of a participatory and user-centered design process, which included close collaboration with domain experts. Using multi-touch interactions and a rich graphical interface, the system accelerates the MoClo learning process, and reduces design time and errors. This tool was developed in collaboration with Nahum Seifeselassie, Casey Grote, and Taili Feng, Natalie Kuldell, and the BU and MIT iGEM teams. This work was partially funded by NSF grant number IIS-1149530 and by Agilent Technologies.