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Functional and evolutionary analysis of multi-omics data

Kamil Erguler

NinjaViewer is an interactive web-based data analysis and visualisation platform designed to integrate multiple related biological datasets. The current prototype enables visual analysis and cross referencing of genomic, evolutionary and gene expression data from 21 species of mosquito and 7 species of the malaria parasite. The platform is being developed to be extensible and datatype agnostic. Several visualisation modes are already implemented including self-organising maps, hierarchical clustering and Voronoi maps, which enable analysis of tens of thousands of genes and orthologous gene groups at once. Several statistical analyses are also implemented including term enrichment and spatial correlation analyses in addition to violin and species matrix displays of cluster-specific properties. NinjaViewer is not just a viewer, it is a knowledge discovery tool that makes the most of the human-computer interaction: harnessing the user's intuitive visual processing power and the computer's ability to search data and perform statistical tests very rapidly.

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Data type:
2D, Network / hierarchy graph
Web based
Linux, Mac OSX, Windows

Project development

Institution: The Cyprus Institute, Nicosia, Cyprus