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Interactive visualization of genome phylogenies

James Hadfield
Simon Harris

Phandango is a fully interactive tool to allow visualization of population scale bacterial genomic data connected by a phylogeny. Population-scale genomic studies have been incredibly useful at understanding the evolution of bacteria and provided insights into clinically relevant information such as the spread of drug resistance and transmission patterns of infections diseases. The datasets produced by these projects often comprise hundreds of genomes and generate data such as predicted recombination regions, pan-genome contents, various metadata and, recently, genotype-phenotype association data. Currently these data are often explored using static visualizations generated by scripts. Phandango is a tool which allows real-time interactive visualization of these datasets simply by dragging and dropping files onto the browser. It has been found to be extremely useful to quickly interpret and compare the results generated from a number of published bioinformatics software such as GUBBINS, BRAT NextGen, ROARY, LS-BSR, TRADIS, PLINK and Seer, as well as user generated metadata.

Release Date:
June, 2016
Data type:
2D, Network / hierarchy graph
Web based
Linux, Mac OSX, Windows
Chrome, Firefox (versions 45+), Opera (versions 36+) or Safari (versions 9+)

Project development

Institution: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge, UK