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An interactive multi-view genome browser for next-generation comparative microorganism genomics

Adrien Villain
Christophe Bécavin

SynTView is a recently published interactive multi-view genome browser for next-generation comparative microorganism genomics. The software is characterised by the presentation of syntenic organisations of microbial genomes and the visualisation of polymorphism data obtained from next generation sequencing. SynTView is built as a generic genome browser including sub-maps that hold information about genomic objects. After selecting genomes of interest, the users can explore them visually by genomic location, or directly go to specific genes by name. Several genomic maps can be stacked on top of each other. The creation of a SynTView website is very helpful in the analysis of a large number of strains, bringing together phylogeny, polymorphisms, larger variants such as indels, coverage, as well as functional annotations and strains meta-data. SynTView is designed to visualise information about polymorphism across a large number of bacterial strains. The SNP maps allow the user to navigate through polymorphism data sets. SynTView has been integrated to the Listeriomics web site, a platform for visualizing and analysing every heterogeneous Listeria "omics" dataset published to date.

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2D, Network / hierarchy graph
Installed, Web based
Adobe Flash
Linux, Mac OSX, Windows

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Institution: Institut Pasteur, Paris, France