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Visualizations for taxonomic and phylogenetic trees

Cynthia Parr
Bongshin Lee
Dana Campbell
Benjamin Bederson

TaxonTree combines dynamic query interfaces and zoomable graphics to visually accommodate highly interconnected data such as the Linnaean hierarchy for Kingdom Animalia . Because the structure of the data is visualized, the interface should be suitable both for biologists and for the general public. Names of organisms are essential to any biological database, including genomic databases, so a tool that allows effective searching and browsing of these names has wide application. 

TaxonTree allows full-text searching and browsing of a large, widely used multimedia database, University of Michigan's Animal Diversity Web via a classification of almost 200,000 animal names. At higher levels, binary branching illustrates relationships, and synapomorphies supporting those relationships are also available.  Scientific names have been compiled fromITIS, the UMMZ Bird Division, the EMBL Reptile DatabaseMammal Species of the World, and material from University of Maryland's BSCI 224 course taught by Jeff Jensen.

DoubleTree is an an application for comparing two trees using coupled interaction. DoubleTree is built on TaxonTree.

TaxonTree is built on SpaceTree, one of the HCIL Products.

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Multiple network / hierarchy
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Linux, Mac OSX, Windows

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Institution: Cornell University