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This is a collection of many of the most notable visualisation tools produced by biologists and visualisation researchers. If you have a tool you would like to see here, please register and you will be able to add your visualisation tool to the site or contact us for more advice.

3D structure, contact map and distance map of Ribosomal Protein L30.
A screenshot showing the iHat interface
Relationship between structural microenvironments and primary sequence. (a) Neighborhood in 3D: The central Formula$C_{\alpha}$-atom is highlighted as an oversized red sphere, whereas the Formula$C_{\alpha}$-atoms for all contacting residues are plotted in dark blue. For clarity, only the sidechains of the central and one contacting residue is shown. The contact threshold radius (red transparent circle) was set to 8Å.All residue contacts defined by the cut-off are shown as thin lines.
(1): Insulin signaling model to illustrate the use of our visual analytics system. Edoes and vertices are colored based on the standard deviation at the steady state Formula of flux samples Formula and concentrations Formula, respectively. The time courses of fluxes and concentrations can be analyzed within lineplots (see (6) and (7)), where within (6) the lines for all fluxes that have been predicted reliably are hidden to reduce clutter. The table of mean values and standard deviations for the static para