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This is a collection of many of the most notable visualisation tools produced by biologists and visualisation researchers. If you have a tool you would like to see here, please register and you will be able to add your visualisation tool to the site or contact us for more advice.

A generic sunburst diagram: each block represents a node within a tree. The order and position of the blocks recreates the structure of the tree.
Sunburst view of in situ gene-expression data from EMAGE
Anatomy Physiology and Atlases, Genome
Smooth interpolation in shape space along a semantic trait vector. The visualization shows the characteristic shape difference between two subfamilies in a dataset of rodent mandibles. Top row: Isosurface rendering. Warmer colors (orange) indicate the difference to the mean shape (blue). Bottom row: Direct volume rendering showing internal structure changes captured by our shape model
Morphometric Visualisation
Anatomy Physiology and Atlases
Implicit clipping plane. a) The implicit function evaluates the molecular surface (green). It takes into account only atoms that intersect the plane or lie in the half-space defined by the plane (arrows). b) Protein Pr3 is colored according to the distance to the plane, where within range Formula the final color is interpolated as it is sketched by the blue rectangles in (a).
Physioillustration: Interactive molecular illustration
Anatomy Physiology and Atlases, Molecular
Another reconstructed Drosophila wing imaginal disc at 108 hours A
Epithelial Volume Viz
Anatomy Physiology and Atlases
Screenshot of two volumes, each using a different transfer function
Electron Microscopy Visualisation
Anatomy Physiology and Atlases
Comparison of culling efficacy between a skeleton octree with maximum depth 6 and the GPU based algorithm at 3 different distances. The scene consist of 100 neurons arranged in a vertical structure known as minicolumn. In every screenshot, the white inner square is the actual viewport; anything draw on the gray background is out of the view frustum.
Real-time Neuron Viz
Anatomy Physiology and Atlases
Fiber and actin visualization. (a) is the visualization of Figure 5(a). (b) is the visualization of Figure 5(b)
CAB Visualization
Anatomy Physiology and Atlases