Visualisation Tools

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This is a collection of many of the most notable visualisation tools produced by biologists and visualisation researchers. If you have a tool you would like to see here, please register and you will be able to add your visualisation tool to the site or contact us for more advice.

Multi-view accessible with Listeriomics: Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics, Genome Viewer, Co-expression Networks, Phylogeny, Small RNAs
Cells and Organisms, Genome
Cells and Organisms, Genome
Paramorama: visual parameter optimisation for biomedical image processing
Cells and Organisms
Cell-o-pane: a cell lineage visualisation tool
Cells and Organisms, Molecular
Silva Tree Viewer screenshot
Silva Tree Viewer
Cells and Organisms, Phylogenetics
molecular Screenshot with Autodesk Maya
Autodesk Maya
Cells and Organisms, Genome
TCA cycle showing new implmentation of the mEPN-3D notation
Miru (formerly known as BioLayout Express3D)
Cells and Organisms, Genome, Pathway
Semi-automatic Placement of 1O5W into a heterogeneous lipid bilayer
Cells and Organisms, Molecular
An image of ligans and receptors bound together in a network
Apoptosis Graph
Cells and Organisms, Molecular