Ontology-Driven Automated Generation Of Data Entry Interfaces

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TitleOntology-Driven Automated Generation Of Data Entry Interfaces
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsCannon, A, Kennedy, J, Paterson, T, Watson, M
EditorWilliams, H, Mackinnon, L
Book TitleKey Technologies for Data Management (Proc. BNCOD21): Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3112
AbstractThis paper discusses an ontology based approach for the automatic generation of data entry interfaces to databases. An existing domain ontology is mapped to a system domain model, which a domain expert can then specialise using their domain expertise, for their data entry needs as required for individual projects. Based on this specialised domain knowledge, the system automatically generates appropriate data entry interfaces with the aid of a presentation model. By constraining the data entered to a term definition ontology and utilising appropriate defined domain terminology the quality of the collected data can be improved. Compared with traditional modelbased user automatic interface development environments, this approach also has the potential to reduce the labour requirements for the expert developer, as the applied ontology provides initial domain knowledge to the system.